Monday, January 2, 2012

Just a regular uneventful day

Today wasn't really a busy day. It was quite uneventful to be honest. I made desi (South Asian) brunch for my sick sister, Tandoori Chicken, Parathas, and Kebabs. Then I picked up my brother from school. I took these pictures while on the road.

Usually this place is sort of dirty with plastic bags, boxes and cans. It was nice to see this place clean.
Usually pink cars look trashy but this pink glittery Lexus was quite nice! I couldn't help myself.
I wish they would add some street lights here. It's pitch dark at night.
Parents always park in front of this sign. It's the best place to get out from after school.
1. I need to clean my car. The dust is so visible in this picture. I am embarrassed. 2. I can't use my cup holders these days because I have my Lint Roller, Victoria's Secret Body mists, lotion, and Glass case there. I need to find a better place to put these.

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